SpeedTraps for GMaps now available at Cydia Store!

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Do you love to drive at your own speed? Have you been annoyed with speed traps and excessive fines? Are you fed up with paying fines? Do you want a simple solution which automatically warns you of dangerous spots as soon as you navigate with Google Maps? Do you want to save your battery by stopping alerts as soon as you reach your destination?

Here is the solution: SpeedTraps for GMaps! With SpeedTraps for GMaps speed trap alerts are automatically activated during navigation with Google Maps. Never get caught again because you missed to activate speed trap warnings and never have your battery fully drained again because you missed to deactivate it!


Requires Blitzer.de (free) or Blitzer.de PRO ($0.99) from German App Store. Sadly these apps are only available at the German App Store currently. You have to install either of those seperate apps from App Store first before you can use this tweak. Please make sure that Blitzer.de or Blitzer.de PRO work for you first - before purchasing this tweak. Blitzer.de PRO is recommended for its up-to-date speed trap database.

Please make sure to set "Background mode" to ON in Settings within the Blitzer.de (PRO) app